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abatey’s products are pure, handmade, and infused with love by its founder and creator, Mariel Muñiz, and a select group of artisans. The unique essential oil blends, teas, candles, and other products are carefully crafted with the intention of nurturing abatey’s customers. Mariel’s work is motivated by her belief that we are each on a powerful healing journey, and we all have the ability to heal ourselves. abatey’s role is to help facilitate that profound process.

abatey uses natural, clean ingredients in its products, from the 100 percent pure natural essential oils to the coconut-apricot wax base for the candles. Working collaboratively with other small businesses results in offerings such as the exclusive ceramic diffusers, all-natural teas, and beautiful smudging feathers.

Based in Miami, abatey was founded in 2019 so that Mariel could share her knowledge of natural healing techniques. She experienced the powerful benefits of the products she now creates on her healing journey, which began with psychoanalysis and has continued with deep astrology, Kabbalah, aromatherapy, crystal healing, angelical Reiki, vibrational sound healing, and the Akashic records. As she connected more purely with her energy and her purpose, she realized that her dream was to share these gifts with others. As she says: “I hope my products facilitate the unique expression of your love, strength, and Earth Spirit.”

abatey’s name is inspired by the goddess Atabey, worshipped by the Taíno people, native to the Caribbean region and Puerto Rico, where Mariel is from. Atabey represents the Earth Spirit and is the goddess of fertility and of water. Mariel is drawn to this goddess because of her strength and abundant love.

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