"These products work wonders. They are one of the only products that have helped me with severe asthma and allergies. My life has improved so much—now when asthma acts up or I have a cold, I use abatey blends and they make a huge difference. In addition, the essential oil blends have changed my mother’s life. She has arthritis and muscle pain, and abatey’s blends have significantly reduced her pain. I also use the candles and give them as gifts, and people truly like them. I love each and every product, and I appreciate that they are made with natural ingredients and with love. Mariel is fantastic. She has so much wisdom and she is filled with love and compassion."

-Joanne Callaway

"I LOVE abatey essential oils! The blends I use smell wonderful, soothe my mind and help me to relax and remain calm. I use Salud (Immune Boost) every morning as an immune support blend—it helps my mind and body feel at ease, connected, and strong. I had an asthma episode and Mariel created a blend for me. It was definitely a heart and lung opener that helped me breathe better and feel emotionally relaxed. Mariel is such a beautiful human being whom I trust and admire immensely! abatey’s products have become part of my holistic wellness journey!"

-Carolina Ramirez

"As a person who loves the smell and the essence of candles, I am really impressed with the quality of abatey’s candles. I am extremely sensitive to strong smells and I develop allergies, but not with abatey’s candles. They are very soft and subtle, and I never react to them. Not only do they smell heavenly, but they give you a sense of tranquility and in some, an uplifting energy, depending on which candle you choose. I love them not only for their decadent scents but also for the long-lasting candlewicks, which is rare in store-bought candles. I've given the candles and chakras kits as gifts many times and no one has ever been disappointed, their only wish is that they could have more!"

-Michelle Ricci

"I use abatey’s essential oil blends and candles. I think these products are amazing. I was suffering from insomnia and the Buenas Noches roll-on blend has helped me sleep through the night. I am impressed with the quality of the products and the range of options. I also like that the products are made with natural ingredients and that abatey is a small, locally owned business."


"abatey’s products stand out because they are unique, natural, well-made, and handmade with the intentions of love and healing. I use the roll-on oils on my children. They have become a part of our drop-off routine at school to help soothe jitters. I love to support local small businesses, and I especially love when I find someone who makes quality products. I recently gifted the sage and palo santo to a friend for her new home, and she was blown away with how beautifully arranged everything was. The candles are amazing gifts, and I also like to have them in my home. My sister-in-law is a teacher and because of the pandemic I wanted her to have the immunity roll-on. She uses it every day. She has not gotten sick and she teaches small children! I trust abatey’s products because they are made with so much love and care."

-Annabelle Clement

"I like abatey’s products very much. The one I have used most is the Buenos Noches roll-on. It has been a relief, and I have recommended it to others who suffer from insomnia and/or headaches. It’s been very helpful for everyone. I’ve also used the sage and palo santo. Following the instructions that come with the products is easy, and I like the rich aroma they leave in the house. abatey’s products stand out because of the immense care that goes into their creation and because of Mariel’s professionalism and her concern for people’s well-being."


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