Amare Clear Quartz
Amare Clear Quartz

Amare Clear Quartz

In Latin, “amare” means “to love.” Our beautiful Amare Necklace collection, exclusive to abatey, is created and handmade—with love and intention—by Celi Corchado of My Kavanah. The semi-precious gemstones in each of the seven necklaces are chosen for their healing energies and correspondence to our chakras. The primary beads are rose quartz, which carry the energy of love for humanity and self. Clear Quartz corresponds to the crown chakra, or seventh chakra. The crown chakra holds our ability to be fully connected spiritually.Clear quartz is a powerful healing and energy amplifying stone that regulates and unblocks energy. It also promotes integration, unity, and clarity of mind.

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Natural semi-precious gemstones of rose quartz and clear quartz, 14k gold-filled accent beads, German silk cord, 14k gold-filled adjustable slider clasp.


Necklace is 14.5 in. when closed and opens to 23.5 in. Rose quartz beads are 4mm and clear quartz bead is 6 mm.

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