Chakras Bracelet
Chakras Bracelet

Chakras Bracelet

Combine the healing power of essential oils plus crystals plus color therapy to harmonize all seven chakras with the chakras bracelet, which doubles as a diffuser. The lava rock beads readily absorb essential oils, functioning as a very personal diffuser.

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  • 7.5 in


Simply rub a drop of oil on the black beads. The crystal beads are chosen for their healing properties as well as their colors, both of which relate to specific chakras. The clasp of this bracelet is sterling silver.

  • The root chakra is our foundation. Red garnet is revitalizing and balances the contrasting emotions of fear and safety.
  • The sacral chakra is linked to connection, acceptance of others and of new experiences, and creativity. Carnelian encourages life force and vitality, stimulates metabolism, and boosts fertility.
  • The solar plexus chakra is a center for confidence and personal empowerment. Golden tiger’s eye fosters progressing with confidence and honor and supports the achieving of goals.
  • The heart chakra is about love and our ability to love. Rose quartz encourages love for self, for others, and for humanity. It also helps us communicate with love and treat ourselves and others with loving kindness.
  • The throat chakra is linked to our ability to communicate. Aquamarine clears communication blocks, strengthens the throat, and filters information.
  • The third eye chakra is about focusing on and seeing the big picture; it is also linked to intuition. Amethyst boosts positive thinking and helps transmute negativity into love.
  • The crown chakra holds our ability to be fully connected spiritually. Clear quartz is a powerful healing and energy amplifying stone that regulates and unblocks energy. It also promotes integration, unity, and clarity of mind.
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