Sage & Rose Love Bundle
Sage & Rose Love Bundle

Sage & Rose Love Bundle

Sage energetically and spiritually cleanses and purifies spaces and people and wards off negative energy. The rose petals add beauty, love, and their prized scent. Native Americans have used sage for centuries for ritual, prayer, and protection.

  • 5-6 Length


How to use

Keep the bundle intact. Begin by establishing your intention, and open a window or door so the energy can move. Light the end and gently blow it out; the embers should be emitting smoke. Place in a heat resistant dish or shell. Use your hand or a feather to direct the sacred smoke around yourself and/or throughout the space you are clearing, paying particular attention to the corners of rooms. Can be used multiple times.


100 percent natural California white sage, dried rose petals, organic cotton cord; the size is approximately 5-6 in. long

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