Palo Santo & Flower Love Bundle
Palo Santo & Flower Love Bundle

Palo Santo & Flower Love Bundle

Palo Santo (Spanish for “holy wood”) energetically and spiritually cleanses and purifies spaces and people, attracts good energy, and promotes healing. Palo santo has been used for centuries by shamans, Incas, and indigenous communities in South America.

  • 4 Length


How to use

Remove the crystal and flowers prior to use. Begin by establishing your intention, and open a window or door so the energy can move. Light an end of the stick and allow the flame to catch and go out. Use the sacred smoke around yourself and/or throughout the space you are clearing, paying particular attention to the corners of rooms. Palo santo can also be used before or during meditation. Each piece of palo santo san be used multiple times.


Two pieces of palo santo, each with a healing crystal and dried flowers; the size is approximately 4 in. long

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